Crickley Hill Visual Identity

Crickley Hill’s visual identity is the visible expression of its ‘spirit of place’ and provides a platform for achieving the partnership’s aims.

Crickley Hill is on the threshold of an exciting future and key to its ongoing success is the introduction of a robust and relevant visual identity one that makes ‘real’ its spirit of place.

Sheard & Hudson created a visual identity – the visible expression of its spirit of place. It breathes life into it, gives it integrity and offers a conduit through which we can tell the many stories that are woven throughout this unique and cherished location. Through our visual identity we want to strengthen connections between partnership, people and place as an aid to creating an immersive, quality experience that leaves visitors and the local community feeling that they belong here and are contributing to its positive actions and activities and that they are helping Crickley Hill to flourish and facilitate change.

Other benefits too can be gained: for example, by adding new levels of practicality and balance to the information displayed around the site will give visitors clear direction and guidance, creating a positive experience with our spirit of place shining through.



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