Customer experience.

Interaction with a place

How we do it

Sheard & Hudson have a great deal of experience having worked alongside several tourism partners to deliver creative solutions for customer experience projects. From a comprehensive step by step guide for marketers on how the visitor interacts with a destination brand or individual attraction to full signage and wayfinding schemes that simplify customer transit through a destination we apply the same clear principal of easy to navigate and beautifully considered graphics.

When we design destination brands and their visual language we explore each touchpoint your customer encounters when interacting with your brand or destination. From the first research or web introduction, right the way through to the actual experience.

Once we’ve established a clear pathway we advise and create collateral that ensures your customer has a positive experience with your brand.

Exploring your customer journey

We use the same principals whether we design destination brands and their visual language or help a company bring a new product to market:

• Explore your research and get to know your customers, their expectancy and requirements

• Plan a route to your end product or destination that has a clear pathway with enough information to enable the customer to make an informed decision. about booking

• Create collateral that tells your story in a new way

• Create design work that delivers your brand message and stories in a positive way

• Create an interpretation that enables stakeholders to package additional offers and products

• Make what we do compelling enough for your customers to want to return and share their visit through social media

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