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Life of Riley

The story: Luxury lifestyle brand Life of Riley specialises in the online retail of handcrafted leather goods. Life of Riley wanted to utilise their social media pages in order to create more brand awareness, and through this, more orders.

The spark: Firstly we put together a social media plan and then got to work on ideas for social media campaigns, so that once we started the posts they were immediately effective. Our task was to increase interaction on social media pages, and run paid advertisements designed to create the optimum response rate. We continuously run creative campaigns to drive people to the site, working with Life of Riley to deliver their messaging in the most social-media friendly tone.

The impact: Life of Riley’s Facebook page likes have increased by 1260%, and the number of people reached per post by over 47,000%. With this increased reach, Life of Riley has seen a direct increase in online sales.


    LIfe of Riley

  • DATE:

    July 28, 2016



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