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Judy Boyt

The story: Judy Boyt’s first passion is the natural world. She has created many notable monumental and small scale figurative and contemporary sculptures for Cheltenham Racecourse, The British Royal Family, Royal Ascot, Centrica and even a bronze heron that graces the royal Palaces of the Oman. She works from the ‘inside out’- the dynamics of the skeletal structure, adding the flesh and muscle, to the final skin layer – creating a sculpture that has presence and a soul, capturing the living essence in the final metal cast. “I want the sculptures to speak and have that energy that will excite the observer. I want to recreate the soul and power.”

The project: Judy asked us to create a new website to showcase her bronze sculptures. Sensing a spark, where you feel great things could happen, we of course said yes.

Result: The website is now the first point of call for galleries and commissioners, viewers can gain a real insight into the work of Judy Boyt.


    Judy Boyt

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    November 20, 2016


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    Jacqui Sheard

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