Abbey Sands

The challenge: Creators of one of the most prestigious building development projects in England, Havard Estates have played a significant role in revitalising Torquay. Havard Estates aimed to underline their achievement by entering the UK Property Awards. The UK Property Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in every sector of the property and real estate industry. The award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.

The project: We were tasked with producing a top quality, minimum run presentation brochure to showcase the breath taking architecture of the Abbey Sands Development. Our graphic presentation accounted for 20% of the overall marks for the award, making our contribution highly significant.

The impact: Not only did Havard Estates win their own category, they were also overall winners, automatically entering them into the international awards for 2015, so watch this space! Following the immense success of the development, Havard Estates recognised the need to rebrand themselves, to take full advantage of their new higher profile. We created a new identity, a new dynamic website, and gave Havard Estates a new sense of purpose for the future.


    Abbey Sands

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    November 20, 2016


    Brand, Guidelines, Creative, Design


    Jacqui Sheard

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