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Arag Insurance

The story: In 2006, six highly experienced market professionals founded ARAG UK. The vision was simple yet revolutionary ‘Every individual should be able to assert his or her rights, not just those who can afford it’. They are now a highly successful company working in partnership with brokers, insurers and solicitors providing an extensive range of Before-the-Event and After-the-Event legal insurance products and services, as well as emergency assistance policies.

The spark: Arag came to us to help them grow their brand and showcase their offer at the British Insurance Brokers Association BIBA Exhibition. We approach each project that comes in to our studio with fresh eyes and delivered an innovative exhibition stand and promotional literature with a skilled barista in situ. Just before the show and just after our advertising campaign topped and tailed the event to ensure that the sales team had all the tools they needed to educate their prospects.

The result: The exhibition stand was very well attended, enabling Arag to further reach their potential through growth.


    Arag Insurance

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    November 20, 2016


    Exhibition Design, Advertising


    Jacqui Sheard

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