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Shared Thinking.

We apply our Shared Thinking process to develop surprising, original and (most of all) effective communications.


We listen to you, explore your thoughts and wait for a spark. We wait for a spark – that first connection, that understanding of your message. We take the time to really get to know your business, everything from the challenges you face to what makes you tick.


Then we define your point of difference using all the research and insights that have been gathered whilst we’ve interviewed your stakeholders and team. We use our ‘essence of a place’ process to draw out your unique point of difference. This will guide you and enable us to define your brand vision and create the framework for your brand story.


We take that spark and light it – exploring your message in depth and looking at different ways to solve the creative puzzle. This stage is about stripping everything back, getting right to the centre of your challenge, and then building on it in different ways so we can show you the best options.


We use our design expertise to bring our combined ideas to life, polishing and refining until your message is perfect. We’ll approach you for input again here, finding out what you think so far and giving you the chance to add anything you feel is missing.


Our campaigns are skilfully designed to connect your business with its audience. Across every platform so that whether its at an exhibition, on a plane or simply sitting on the top of a mountain.


We’re proud of our client retention, we have many clients who have worked with us for years returning at each stage of their growth.

If you’d like to visit us then come over and visit us in our lovely studio just a few miles outside of Bath.


We believe great design should endure, so your message will continue to shine, influence and impact – now and into the future. It’s never just about one project in isolation, but about bringing your brand to life for your customers – whether they’re reading your latest brochure, or liking your Facebook page.

Next steps.

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If your company grows and transforms and we’ve connected you with your audience then we’ve done our job well and you’ll return, confident in our ability to interpret your company vision.