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What makes a successful tourist destination?

The world is filled with successful tourist destinations, with many places drawing in millions of people every year from all across the world. London, Paris, Cannes, New York City, and Monaco are just a few of the places that are famous worldwide for being tourist hotspots. The question is, why are these places so popular? Can any destination flourish as well as the above with some strategy?

The first important aspect of a tourist destination is the environment. Architecture, cleanliness, beauty, and a unique appearance are all components of the environment of a place, and each is integral to creating the right appearance. Presentation of a place visually is perhaps one of the most important factors in creating a successful tourist destination, as people will judge a destination in a matter of seconds upon arrival.

Industry is another sector of a location that is important to consider. This includes everything from art galleries to sport, from manufacturing to film. Industry is at the heart of a location, and is a big motivator for tourists to visit. However, Industry may be more important to local people than it is to tourists travelling long distances, as tourists may stick to visiting landmarks.

Landmarks are also a huge asset when attempting to attract tourists, however, there are many successful tourist destinations that do not have them. With all the right ingredients, a tourist destination can become it’s own landmark. History is another asset which is beneficial to a place but not compulsory. History is one of the components that make certain destinations so popular, however, with many locations their history is either ignored or overlooked, yet they still remain popular destinations.

The local community must also play a part in making a successful tourist location. The mind-set of stakeholders is a huge influencer in the success of a destination, as their attitude towards tourists can affect their behaviour towards them. Friendly locals can be a factor in making people want to return to a destination, and an unfriendly reception can stop people coming back at all.

Finally, it is the branding used which combines all of the above aspects to create the ultimate tourist destination. A talented Branding Agency will dig out what a location has to offer so that a place can showcase its’ true essence and gain a personality. A powerful and compelling brand has the power to turn any regular location into somewhere special. Every place has the potential to succeed, it is merely a matter of finding the spark and igniting it to create success.

At Sheard & Hudson we have created a place brand for both Visit England and English Riviera Tourism, both high profile companies whose locations have flourished following our rebranding.

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